January 31, 2022

Sapphire Partners backs Chapter Zero

Committed to ensuring boards and executive search candidates are climate aware, responsible and active

Sapphire Partners is proud to be one of 12 leading search firms that have signed a joint declaration to champion Chapter Zero, a community of business leaders working to enhance the climate-related skills of board-level executives across the UK.

Signing the declaration, Sapphire Partners has committed to raise the issue of sustainability with each client and candidate we work with, in particular the board's climate change responsibilities – including the wider environmental and social issues or implications. We will assess every chair and non-executive director candidate for their competence on climate change issues, applying the following criteria:

  • A general understanding of the science around global warming, the current international and national debate and evolving stakeholder expectations;
  • An understanding of and literacy around the climate-related risks facing the businesses with which they are currently involved and what those businesses are doing in concrete terms to mitigate those risks and make progress towards net zero; and
  • A clear willingness to engage actively.

Sapphire Partners will also participate in a regular feedback and review process to assess how the commitment is being acted upon and the impact it is having in the market.

Finally, we are committed to ensuring that our consultants and teams who are involved in board appointments understand the role and obligations of company directors in tackling climate change and the capabilities required.

Chapter Zero is the UK branch of the Climate Governance Initiative, active in over 30 counties.

Click here for more information about what executive search firms are doing with Chapter Zero.