“Sapphire Partners stood out clearly from the competition. Their engagement and commitment was never in doubt and they delivered an outstanding shortlist.”

Senior Independent Director,
FTSE Small Cap

Every search has a unique destination…

Sapphire Partners has been discovering high potential, off-the-radar talent since 2005.

We love teaming up with leading-edge organisations - from FTSE 100 to not-for-profit, financial services and beyond – to find exceptional people for your executive and non-exec roles.

‘Looking differently’ makes us trailblazers for a creative, collaborative, diverse and truly global executive search.

Who we are

True collaboration
…truly global

Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do. By really getting to know you and your story, we can move beyond the box-ticking towards a genuine understanding of your needs.

That’s why every search is bespoke, enabling us to reach out across geographic and sector boundaries, uncovering talent others may miss.

Working with you

“… took considerable trouble to get to know us, conducting meetings across the board and executive to understand our culture. Very professional. Easy to work with. A great result delivered.”

Senior Independent Director, FTSE 250

“I’m completely breathless after reading these four profiles. What extraordinarily talented candidates. I don’t know any of the individuals, but they all look incredible.”

Chair, PLC Investment
Management Company

Making the invisible visible

We don’t rely on limited ‘networks’ or databases, we’ll find the right person whoever – and wherever – they are. At Sapphire we invest time in getting to know our candidates, understanding not just their capabilities but their hopes, aspirations and values – what really matters to them.

If you’re a potential candidate, we’ll help you develop and nurture your skills, providing honest advice and opening new doors.

And because we’ll understand what you can offer, we can champion you effectively - enabling organisations to see the benefit you would bring.

Working with you

Beyond the usual suspects

Diversity has always underpinned everything we do. At Sapphire, this takes us beyond the latest trend – our long experience shows us the value organisations gain when recruitment is diversified and dynamic.

That experience and our ‘looking differently’ approach enable us to guide organisations and individuals through the recruitment journey, ensuring exciting - and enduring - new relationships.

Creating change

“… not afraid to go off-piste. The diversity of backgrounds should go without saying - but in these circumstances, perhaps I should emphasise it. I would have no hesitation in using them again.”

Senior Independent Director, FTSE Small Cap

“I have been working with Sapphire on ‘both sides’ of the recruitment wall. As a candidate, they drove the process in a fair and useful way. As a client, I trust Sapphire to ‘hunt’ and surface the right people for the roles. Over four years they have consistently delivered positive outcomes.”

Non-Executive Director, FTSE 250

Trusting relationships

We’re proud of the many and varied relationships we’ve built with ambitious organisations and talented individuals over almost twenty years.

From the Bank of England and Lloyds of London to global asset managers and leading not-for-profits, we’ve placed outstanding – often diverse – candidates in front of and onto boards and senior teams, playing our own small role in changing the business landscape.

But what we are we proudest of is the number of candidates who become clients and clients who become repeat clients, as individuals and businesses forge ahead with Sapphire Partners alongside them.

Who we work with